Invited Speakers

Emmanuel H. Mayoral
Universidad del Istmo, Guatemala

ENF 01 - Novel and Efficient Technologies for Energy Production

Wind Energy

Milad Gheydi
Islamic Azad University, Iran
Title of Talk : Comparative Assessment of Power Loss among Four Typical Wind Turbines in Distribution System
Mohamed Benchagra
University Hassan 1, Morocco
Title of Talk : Wind Farm Connected to a Distribution Network
Geetha Prakash
Nagarjuna College of Engineering & Technology, India
Oluseyi Ajayi
Covenant University, Nigeria
Wangyu Liu
South China University of Technology, China
Title of Talk : Multi-scale modeling of royal palm tissue and its bionic applications

Wind Energy Modelling

A. Senthil Kumar
Velammal Engineering College, India

Wind Energy Conversion

Rajin M.Linus
MEA Engineering College, India

Wind Aerodynamics

Kamil Sharaidin
RMIT University, Australia

Wind Turbines

Puyang Zhang
Tianjin University, China


Pascal Tchokossa
World Health Organization Expert on Radiation Protection

Nuclear Energy

Tieshan Wang 
Lanzhou University, China

Biofuels and Bioenergy

Chuang Xue
Dalian University of Technology, China
Title of Talk : An integrated process for high-valued liquid transportation fuels production from renewable biomass


Nadia M. Abdel Salam Eshra
Ministry of Water Resources Irrigation, MWRI, Egypt
Title of Talk : Hydropower Current Status and Potentiality; for River Nile in Egypt

ENF 03 - Energy and Environmental Issues

Darya Alontseva
East-Kazakhstan State Technical University, Kazakhstan
Title of Talk : Developing a new resource- and energy-saving technology of precision application of powder coating multifunctional systems

ENF 04 - Energy Economics and Policy

Energy Pricing

Hui Zhou
Beijing Jiaotong University, China
Title of Talk : Advances in Silicon Material and Flexible Substation

Energy Policies and Regulation

Kamil Abdullah
Uiniversiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia

ENF 05 - Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Askar Triwiyanto
President University, Indonesia
Title of Talk : Surface Modification for Metallic Bipolar Plates


Wolfgang Tremel
The Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany
Title of Talk : Thermoelectric Transport in Metal Chalcogenides
Dibya Prakash Rai
Mizoram University, India
C.K Dixit
Dr Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University, India
Title of Talk : New directions of high ZT Bulk thermoelectric materials

Fuel Cells

Rainer Schmidt
Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
Title of Talk : Water-free proton conduction in discotic pyrazolate-based Pt(II) and Pd(II) metallomesogens for potential application in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells
Dedi Rohendi
Sriwijaya University, Indonesia
Jie Yang
Northeastern University, China
Title of Talk : The analysis of non-isothermal transport in a passive micro direct methanol fuel cell
Jian Ji
East China University of Science and Technology, China
Virginija Kepeniene
Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania
Title of Talk : Metal Oxide Supported Platinum and Platinum-Cobalt Nanocomposites as Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Energy

Gong Hao
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Aadesh Pratap Singh
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Title of Talk : Surface Disordered Metal Oxides: Role of Hydrogen Treatment and Photoelectrochemical Properties

Photovoltaics and solar cells

Ramphal Sharma
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, India
Harun Kemal Ozturk
Pamukkale University, Turkey
Vinich Promarak
Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC), Thailand
Title of Talk : Designing Molecular Structures of D-π-A Type Organic Dyes for High Efficiency Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC)
Rania Alqurashi
The University of Sheffield, UK
Run Long
Beijing Normal University, China
Vilko Mandić
University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambresis (UVHC), France
Title of Talk : Tailoring Perovskite-Type Core-Shell Nanoarchitecture of Charge Transfer Layer in Solar Cells

Modeling and theoretical aspects in energy generation, conversion & storage

Biswarup Neogi
JIS College of Engineering, India
Iftekhar A Karimi
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Zhihua Wang
Zhejiang University, China
Pradeep Kumar
National Institute ofTechnology,Kurukshetra, India

Hydrogen production and fuel generation from renewables (catalysis)

Noureddine Hajjaji
INRA, France
Title of Talk : Thermo-environmental life cycle analysis of hydrogen production from steam and autothermal reforming of bioethanol


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