Please use the template when preparing your manuscript (for both journals). Please click here


ACTA Materialia Turcica

1- 15 pages are free with payment of registration fee  Maximum 15 pages with embedded figures. Please use only single column. (same as the journal above)


Submission Procedure

• The full text papers should be submitted in docx format.
• Submission should be made via our website
 (will be available on September 01-November 01, 2019)
• For the submitted papers, please use as file name the “Familyname_surname.docx”. If you submit more than one paper with the same name add a number, like _ID, after the surname.
• For the copyright agreement use the same name as for the paper adding at the end _copyright”. (For Example: john_doe_1.pdf, john_doe_1_copyright.pdf) 



• Acceptance/rejection of manuscripts will be decided by the referees of the corresponding journal. 
• All manuscripts (with the correct format) will be sent to Journals for review regardless of the presentation type
. i.e. poster and oral presentations have the equal chance to be accepted.



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01 Abstract Submission Deadline: May 03, 2019
02 Deadline for all Oral Presentation to be paid July 26, 2019
03 Regular registration deadline: May 31, 2019
04 Notification of Acceptance, within 1-3 weeks after the receipt of abstract
05 Full text submission is available between September 01-November 01, 2019