ORAL presentations will be presented using the Zoom web conferencing platform. In

case the authors give permission, the recordings will be publicly accessible in our web

site one year. There will be two options:

OPTION 1: Pre-recording Your Presentation in Zoom 

Zoom Recording Instructions:

1. Open Zoom. In your profile, click "Settings", then "Recordings". Be sure that Local

Recordings is on.

2. At the upper right corner, it will say “Host a Meeting”. Click on “Host a Meeting with

Video”, and follow the instructions to download and run Zoom or wait for the

meeting to generate.

3. Be sure that your audio and video are both on and working. The video is required in

order to ensure a high-quality experience for the audience.

4. The size of the webcam will be 224x126 pixels in the upper right corner.  Once you

start screen sharing, your video will move to the upper right-hand corner and may

potentially cover text or images.  Please adjust your presentation accordingly.

5. Become familiar with the Zoom tools available at the bottom of your screen. We

encourage the use of the embedded laser pointer during the recording.

6. Press the “Record” button. Select “Share Screen” and begin your presentation. As

a reminder, your presentation should not exceed 20minutes for contributed and 30

minutes for invited. If your presentation exceeds these time limits, it may be edited

after receipt.

7. Once you have finished your presentation, you can select “Stop Record” and then

end the meeting, or simply end the meeting--which will stop the recording. It will

begin to convert your video to your local system into three files: an .m4a, .m3u and

.mp4 file.

OPTION 2: Presenting Remotely

Remote presenting instructions:

Your talk will continue as scheduled. As with a physical meeting, each session will

proceed in the order identified and maintain the schedule.

1. Each talk will be comprised of a presentation and subsequent, dedicated Q&A.

2. Management staff and the presider will manage the order of the presentations

and will initiate the playback of any presentations not given live.

3. Each session will be presented in its own unique virtual conference room.

4. At least one day prior to the scheduled session, the presider and all presenters for

that session will receive a message from the virtual conference room that contains

the connection information.  The Zoom link will be unique to each presenter for

each session and cannot be shared. 


5. In preparation for the meeting, please download the test via the Zoom Test site

(  For the best experience, please use your webcam and test

your audio.  Note:  For audio connection, you can use your computer audio/VOIP

or dial in using the toll or toll-free numbers provided in the invitation. 

6. If you are presenting live, you will “Share” your screen or document. Otherwise,

the room moderator can set this up on your behalf. Please ensure that your

webcam is on so that attendees can view you during your presentation.

7. Question and Answer session will follow your presentation. The session presider

will read questions submitted by participants.

8. Please plan to join the meeting 15 minutes early in case there are any issues that

need to be worked out.




• Authors will send the softcopy of the posters to congress e-mail address at least

one week before the congress starts.

• The photos of each poster and contact information of the author will be displayed

in our congress web page for one year.




• Participation certificates will be sent in the pdf format to the authors

• Abstract book will be published online 1 week after the congress

• Full-text manuscripts of the authors will be uploaded to the congress website

between October 1,2020- October 30, 2020


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01 Deadline for all early registration fees to be paid April 16, 2021

02 Abstract Submission Deadline: August 24, 2021

03 Deadline for all Oral Presentation to be paid August 24, 2021

04 Notification of Acceptance, within 1-3 weeks after the receipt of abstract

05 Full text submission is available between  October 01- November  01, 2021

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