Lycian way trekking tour


PRICE: Per person 25 Euro

Between 13:30-18:00 hours

 The road is stony and difficult to walk, it is better to wear durable shoes and a hat for protection from the sun. We do not offer this tour under 12 years or more that 60 years old guests, others can take the way easily.

Created in 1999 by English/Turkish trekker extraordinaire Kate Clow, the Lycian Way stretches 540km along the ancient and mysterious country known as Lycia, the 'Land of Light'.


likya yolu ile ilgili görsel sonucu


Being the oldest of the now many Culture Routes of Turkey, the Lycian Way is the easiest to access from abroad, has both budget and boutique accomodation options a day's walk apart, and is well marked, with paint and signposts.


likya yolu ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Apart from the summer months, walking can be done at all times of year, April is bursting with endemic floral life, while October's warm sea and and stunning sunsets are tempting.

The tombs of the ancient Lycians, standing like sentinels, silently mark your progress along the paths walked by the Lycians, Persians, Greeks, Romans and Turks


Tour takes half day on foot .   



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